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I keep on insisting.

You’re still my friend.

Situation says it’s not.

But i keep on insisting.

You’re my friend.

Friends for what?

Friends in words?

You lied a lot of times

You say things behind my back.

But i forget.

I forgive.

Because i know you’re a friend.

Friends in good times, not otherwise?

Why do i keep on insisting that you’re still my friend?

Because i got used to it?

Not because i feel,

Not because i know,

Maybe i just got used to it

Calling you friend

But i don’t know if you really consider me as your friend

I don’t feel it.

The friendship should be deeper by now.

Friends for years.

But i don’t feel the it.

Do i need space?

Do i need to stop calling you friend?

Should i consider this friendship withered?

Hopeful still but…


Where will this lead me?

More Hurt?

More Thinking?

More wasted Time?

Useless ?