An Early Gift from Year 2012

I waited for  Year 2012  and here’s what i got….

Let me share it with you…

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Where to store your pictures in the internet?

I have found 6 sources where you can store your photos in the internet. Some are offering unlimited uploads while some are only giving a limited capacity and after you reached the maximum you will have to pay their service. You have the option to pay or just maximize the free service with limitation.

Here are the choices:

1. – I have tried this account and they really have special editing features that I like. It iis easy to use and your photo will really improve. Every yahoo account gives you an instant access of this site. It has a lot of editing tools that will make your editing life smooth, easy and fun. Every month you are given 100MB of photos to upload in excess of that you’ll have to pay. You can also 2 upload videos of 150 MB each.

2. – They are giving a larger capacity of 1GB on a free account.

3. – It can import photos straight from your cameras.

4. – It’s free and has unlimited memory to offer for their clients. They also offer special items, like you may include your photos in a mug or in their other products.

5. – This site allows you to upload 1000 pictures and additional 10 pictures every month.

6. – If you want your picture to have a special caption, this one is the right site for you. Your photo can talk for you; you can record a sound and upload it in your photo, something different and unique.

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