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Ditching Annual Performance Review

Last week, while browsing on Facebook, i encountered a story about a certain company ditching out its employee’s annual performance review. I was shocked and at the same time interested to know the reason why this company fearlessly decided to remove their yearly evaluation. It was indeed a bold move for that company.

One of the main reasons why this company opt to remove performance review is:

 Rather than having managers rank and review workers once per year, the new initiative — called Performance Achievement — calls for informal reviews that can be given at the manager’s discretion, for example, after a worker has completed a specific project.

“……. The new system is intended to give workers more opportunities to get feedback from managers and coaching to improve their performance. The new system will still be used to inform decisions made about compensation and promotions, Jones added.

Companies have been doing performance appraisal every year to identify and achieve the team member’s individual KPIs.  Performance appraisal is also being used to identify strengths of the employee or identify those areas that needs improvement.  In short, this process is for evaluation and developmental purposes.

As an HR practitioner, i know the purpose and importance of performance evaluation. Some may perceive it differently  or positively, as follows:

    • It encourages employees to perform better in the future
    • It presents an opportunity for employees to leverage positive performance for an increase in salary or promotion
    • During the appraisal, employees can discuss strengths and weaknesses with a supervisor, in effect, allowing employees to discuss personal concerns
    • It provides communication between a supervisor and employee on a regular basis to discuss job duties and issues with work performance
    • It allows employees to identify what skills may be lacking and need to be acquired or improved upon. There are instances when education provided by the company is a necessity to advance success overall
    • It holds employees accountable for their job performance, and since the employee knows that an appraisal is coming, the employee has the opportunity to prepare in advance
    • It provides the opportunity for managers to explain organizational goals and the ways in which employees can participate in the achievement of those goals(

The most challenging aspect of a performance appraisal is measuring the actual performance of the employee since performance will be based on actual vs target. The process itself is time consuming especially if you have several employees to be evaluated, sometimes twice, in a given year. In several instances due to the number of employees to be evaluated and lack of time management there were employees whose evaluations have been compromised and completed for the sake of compliance. You’ll only get to know the scenario once employees started to make noise or manifest dissatisfaction.This leads to the pain points of performance appraisal.

Dissatisfied Employees
Dissatisfied Employees

Some pain points of performance evaluation as quoted in Yahoo’s article:

Criticism of performance reviews is ubiquitous among academics who study workplace management. Their main pain points: the system wastes time and money, alienates employees, and is all-in-all redundant, since any good manager is already keeping an eye on employee performance without a system in place. A whopping 95% of managers said they are dissatisfied with their performance review process, according to a 2014 survey of 10,000 workers, also conducted by CEB. Nearly 60% of employees said they felt reviews weren’t worth their time. CEB also estimates that for a big company with more than 10,000 workers, annual reviews can easily cost upwards of $35 million with less than stellar results. Ninety percent of HR professionals surveyed by the firm said they did not feel performance review results painted an accurate picture of workplace productivity. (

Do we really need yearly performance evaluation?Is performance evaluation helpful to the business? Is it time to look for a more creative and practical ways of evaluating employees?

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King Chef (50% off Dimsum)

I was at Lucky Chinatown when i discovered this yummy Chinese restaurant that offerss 50% on dimsum everyday from 3-5pm and 9pm-12mn. Its  interior is quite intimidating but don’t be misled, that’s just a glimpse of how good their foods are.Image

So we tried their hakaw,

fried dumpling,
steamed fish with beancurd,

and two more, spareribs toppings and steamed seafoods.


We ate all of these for:


Not bad if you’re looking for quality dimsum!

Total Savings P260

Three weeks after we visited King Chef ,  but on a different location, we discovered that they they also have a branch in Banawe, Quezon City(near Starbucks) so we tried it once more, together with friends, and all i can say is i will definitely  come back. 🙂


FREE Movie Treat from SM on December 8, 2012

SM Cinema gives back to its loyal patrons with another FIRST in Philippine cinema history—the FREE MOVIE DAY event, a grand movie blow-out slated to happen this December 8, 2012.

This SM Cinema event will offer free movies in all of SM Cinema’s 246 Digital Theatres in all 45 branches nationwide! The line-up of movies will include the horror-thriller House at the End of the Street, Stolen, the latest Nicolas Cage action flick, the biopic Supremo: The Andres Bonifacio Story, crime drama film Deadfall, the popular Step Up Revolution and the restored version of Ishmael Bernal’s Himala. Apart from these six movies, two independent films courtesy of the Film Development Council of the Philippines will also be a part of the line-up.

Registration for SM Cinema’s Free Movie Day is from November 22 to December 6.

Just follow these five easy steps:

1. Like and Register at our e-PLUS Facebook Fan Page (
2. Click on the Free Movie App.
3. Choose your Cinema, Time and Movie
4. Print the confirmation email.
5. Surrender the printed confirmation email at your preferred SM Cinema branch for your free two tickets.



SM Supermalls will have another sale event this coming week. You can avail of up to 70% discount on selected great items plus you can have a chance to win  Asus Laptop from Aug 3,4 & 5, 2012, .  A total of 15 winners can win this very interesting treat from SM . The SM Supermalls 3-DAY SALE will happen on the following SM shopping malls:

SM City Sta. Mesa –
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Gift Checks – No Expiry Dates starting July 2012

Guidelines on the Issuance, Use and Redemption of Gift Checks, Certificates or Gift Cards in accordance with Republic Act No. 7394 or the Consumer Act of the Philippines, and for other Purposes

Gift Check/ Certificate/ Card – an instrument issued by a supplier to an individual, partnership or a juridical entity for monetary consideration evidencing a promise by the issuer that consumer goods or services will be exchanged in favor of the bearer upon presentation of said gift certificate/ check/ card to the value, credit, specific good, service or event shown in the instrument. It represents value held in trust by the issuer/supplier/distributor, thus DTI intends to regulate its use to protect consumers and ensure that they are not unduly deprived of their money
Salient Features
  • Upon effectivity of the order, 16 July 2010, all gift checks/ certificates/ cards issued must bear a date of issue and an expiry of two (2) years.
  • Starting 01 July 2012, all suppliers, issuers, distributors and sellers are prohibited to issue and/or sell gift certificates/check/cards with an expiry date.
    • Gift certificates/checks/cards that are distributed to consumers under awards, loyalty or promotional programs are not covered.
    • All gift checks/certificates/cards with no expiry dates shall be redeemable until used by the bearer.
    • Holders of unused and unexpired gift check/ certificates/ cards after June 30, 2012 shall be entitled to replacement after revalidation by suppliers.
    • Terms and conditions of unused gift checks/ certificates/ cards issued before the effectivity of this order shall be honored; but those bearing expiry dates beyond June 30, 2012 shall be subject to revalidation or replacement.
    • Goods and services that are paid with gift certificates/check/card are qualified in promotional sales activities, loyalty programs, warranties, return policies for cash purchases, and discounts for senior citizens/persons with disability.
    • The suppliers cannot be held liable for gift certificates/ checks/ cards under that are:
(a) lost due to no fault of the supplier; and
(b) mutilated or defaced due to no fault of the supplier and such damage prevents the supplier from identifying the security and authenticity features thereof.
Source: DTI

Allowances in excess of 30,000/yr. – TAXABLE

MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) declared Wednesday that allowances and bonuses received by all officials and employees in government and the private sector are subject to income tax if the amount is in excess of P30,000 per year.

“There is no exemption,” BIR Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto S. Henares stressed.

The BIR chief spelled out the requirement in the Internal Revenue Code (Sections 244 and 245) following disclosure at the Senate impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona that high tribunal justices were recipients of tax-free multi-million-peso bonuses and allowances through the years.

Supreme Court spokesman, Court Administrator Jose Midas Marquez, admitted that the extra income of the justices have not been placed under the withholding tax system since the time of Chief Justice Hilario Davide.

He said, however, that there is no problem if the BIR decides to collect the deficiency income taxes due from these allowances and bonuses.

But Henares would not say whether she has issued instructions to Manila Revenue Regional Director Pete Madulara to collect the back taxes, saying the audit on the extra income of the justices like any other investigation is “strictly confidential.”

Other revenue officials said that under the Tax Code even the 13th-month pay and other Christmas bonuses are also subject to income tax if the amount goes beyond P30,000 per year.

The tax is slapped on the excess of the P30,000 threshold.

They said certain “de minimis” (small value) allowances are tax exempt under Revenue Regulations 2-28, including monetized unused vacation leave, medical cash allowance, rice subsidy and uniform, or clothing allowance.

The BIR earlier filed last month a P12 million tax evasion charges against Jesus Santos, counsel of former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo , for alleged non-declaration of his allowances and bonuses received from the Government Service Insurance System as member of its board of trustees from 2006 to 2009.

BIR insiders said Corona and other SC justices could not be charged for the same offense as their earnings from the SC are covered by the Substituted Filing System of the BIR in which the task of filing income tax returns is done by SC treasurers and accountants.

“If ever criminal complaints are filed, the respondents should be the justices, but it was the SC accountants who were designated as withholding agents of the BIR,” one of the sources added

Source: Yahoo News

Bus Driver’s Minimum Wage starting February

Beginning February 1, bus drivers and conductors plying the NCR route will receive minimum wage and other mandatory benefits.

DOLE’s Department Order No. 118-12 Series of 2012 mandates a fixed and performance based compensation scheme in the public bus transport industrya novel scheme which drastically changes an age-old commission-based pay practice.

According to Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz, the fixed componentconsists of an amount mutually agreed upon by the owner/operator and the driver/conductor, which shall not be lower than the minimum wage while theperformance-based component shall be based on the safety and business performance such as ridership, revenues/profitability, and other related parameters.

DOLE hopes that by improving the compensation and working condition of bus drivers and conductors, road accidents and traffic violations due to jostling among bus drivers for passengers, will be reduced.

NWPC Executive Director Ciriaco A. Lagunzad III explained that the NWPC is mandated by the law to fix and determine the applicable minimum wage, not only on regional and provincial level, but also on industry level.

The benefits include 13th month pay, holiday pay, rest day, overtime pay, nightshift differential, retirement pay, service incentive leave, maternity, paternity, and parental leave, and other leaves mandated under the Magna Carta for Women.

Also, they will be entitled to Pag-IBIG Fund, PhilHealth, Employees’ Compensation Law, Social Security System (SSS), and other social welfare benefits, the Department Order states.

Meanwhile, the NWPC will issue the operational guidelines to implement the compensation scheme including the formula to be used by bus companies. Companies may submit their proposed compensation scheme to respective Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board on or before March 31, 2011.

Also, the safety and health of bus drivers and conductors, the Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) will issue a Safety and Health Manual for the Bus Industry which will be implemented and promoted by the operators.

The Technical Educational and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will provide training, assessment and certification to ensure drivers have the knowledge and skills in driving and basic troubleshooting. The certificate from TESDA is one of the requirements in getting Certificates of Public Convenience from the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board.

In the first six months but not later than one year from the effectivity, the provisions in this D.O. shall be liberally construed to enable compliance by the bus companies.

The D.O. was published on 17 January 2012 at The Philippine Star.


MRT and LRT Train Schedule and Fare

Here’s a helpful  guide for an easy MRT and LRT ride.

It has weekly train schedule,travel time guide and fare table.

MRT Guide

MRT Weekly Train Schedule

Tip:  Click the the actual image for a larger view.

LRT Guide


LRT Line 1 System


5:00AM ►First train leaves the Baclaran Station bound for Roosevelt Station.

9:30PM ►Last northbound commercial train leaves Baclaran Station for Roosevelt Station.

10:00PM►Last southbound commercial train leaves Roosevelt Station for Baclaran Station.

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays

5:00AM ►First train leaves the Baclaran Station bound for Roosevelt Station.

9:00PM ►Last northbound commercial train leaves Baclaran Station for Roosevelt Station.

9:30PM ►Last southbound commercial train leaves Roosevelt Station for Baclaran Station.

LRT Line 2 System


5:00AM ►Start of operation.

9:30PM ►Last commercial train leaves Santolan Station bound for Recto Station

10:00PM►Last commercial train leaves Recto Station bound for Santolan Station

Saturdays,Sundays and Holidays:

5:00AM ►Start of operation.

9:30PM ►Last commercial train leaves Recto Station bound for Santolan Station

Click here for LRT1 Fare L1CurrentFareMatrix

LRT Line 1 Tickets

► Single Journey 1 Ticket [Brown]
  • Sold for Php20.00 each.
  • Can only be used once.
  • Valid only on the date of purchase
►Single Journey 2 Ticket [Green]
  • Sold for Php12.00 each.
  • Can only be used once.
  • Valid only on the date of purchase.
► Single Journey 3 Ticket [Red]
  • Sold for Php15.00 each.
  • Accepted at all LRT Line 1 Stations.
  • Can only be used once.
  • Valid only on the date of purchase.
► Stored Value 1 Ticket [Blue]

Sold for Php100.00 each.

  • Accepted at all LRT Line 1 Stations.
  • Multiplerides.
  • With LastRide Bonus (i.e. ticket is still valid for one more ride even if the remaining balance is less than the minimum fare and at least P0.50)
  • Valid for six (6) months from date of first use.
► Stored Value 3 Ticket [Orange]
  • Sold for Php80.00
  • Accepted at all LRT Line 1 Stations.
  • Available only to senior citizens or disabled passengers upon presentation of valid ID at the ticket booth.
  • Multiple rides.
  • With Last Ride Bonus (i.e. ticket is still valid for one more ride even if the remaining balance is less than the minimum fare and at least P0.50)
  • Valid for six (6) months from date of first use.

Click here for LRT2 FareL2CurrentFareMatrix

LRT Line 2 Tickets

► Single Journey Ticket [Violet]
  • Sold for Php12.00, Php13.00, Php14.00, Php15.00 each.
  • Accepted at all LRT Line 2 Stations.
  • Can only be used once.
  • Valid only on the date of purchase.
► Stored Value 2 Ticket [Red]

Sold for Php100.00 each.

  • Accepted at all LRT Line 2 Stations.
  • Multiple rides.
  • With Last Ride Bonus (i.e. ticket is still valid for one more ride even if the remaining balance is less than the minimum fare and at least P0.50)
  • Valid for six months from date of first use.
► Stored Value 4 Ticket [Pink/Orange]
  • Sold for Php80.00
  • Accepted at all LRT Line 2 Stations.
  • Available only to senior citizens or disabled passengers upon presentation of valid ID at the ticket booth.
  • Multiple rides.
  • With Last Ride Bonus (i.e. ticket is still valid for one more ride even if the remaining balance is less than the minimum fare and at least P0.50)
  • Valid for six (6) months from date of first use.

 Expired Tickets

      Tickets will expire if:

  • Single Journey tickets which are valid only on the day of purchase is used after day of purchase.
  • Stored Value tickets which are valid for six (6) months from the date of first use at the gate is used after the said six month period.
  • If ticket is used to exit in the same station after thirty (30) minutes from entry.
  • If ticket is used to exit the system after one hundred twenty (120) minutes from entry.

What to do:

  • Passenger is required to buy another ticket.

 Damaged Tickets

       Ticket that are scratched, folded, written-on or exposed to magnet are considered damaged.

 What to do:

  • For Single Journey tickets, passenger buys another ticket for Php 12.00 and pays penalty of Php  9.00 for damaged ticket.

  • For a Stored Value ticket, passenger surrenders the damaged ticket to the station teller who shall fill up a Ticket Incident Report (TIR) so that the ticket could be analyzed for its remaining value. The passenger shall be given the blue copy of the TIR which will be used when claiming for the remaining value of the ticket five (5) days after filing of the TIR.

Source: MRT and LRT Website