Government Agencies ( Contact Details and Website )

For those working in private companies, the usual link they would like to have access to is the SS and the telephone numbers of the same.  Through this link they will be able to monitor their monthly contributions and check if their respective employers are  diligently remitting their hard earned money.

However for government employees, there is GSIS or the Government Service Insurance System.

For everyone, the site of PAG-IBIG, PHILHEALTH , DFA, LTO and BIR are likewise material, so check the following resources for your reference.

SSS – Social Security System –
Tel. No. (632)9206401/9206446

GSIS – Government Service Insurance System
Tel. No. (632) 4793645

PAG-IBIG – Home Development Mutual Fund
Tel. No.(632)7244244

PHILHEALTH – Philippine Health Insurance Corporation
Tel. No. (632) 4417442

BIR – Bureau of Internal Revenue
Tel. No. (632)9297676

NSO – National Statistics Office
Tel. No.(632)7160807/7137074

DFA – Department of Foreign Affairs
Tel. No. (632) 9229061-66

LTO – Land Transportation Office
Tel. No.(632)9297676/9272511

DOLE – Department of Labor and Employment
Call Center Hotline – 527-8000


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  1. Hi! Useful info. I hope you don’t mind, I linked this page to one of my blog projects (I am currently working on 3, I am hoping I could get it published within a month.). I was going to include a page of this sort, but thank goodness for this post, that’s one less page work for me. 🙂

    Thanks again!

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