Aside from Bulalo, i know there are a lot of people who wants to eat something hot/warm while in Tagaytay. I thought of Bulalo or mami or soup until i saw GOTO signage  along Aguinaldo Highway.  Bingo! Just right for the cold nights of Tagaytay. It’s All about Goto!
So we went inside and look at what they can offer aside from Goto.

Here’s   their menu,  very affordable.

Among the many choices, I decided to get a bowl of lugaw with egg because that’s the only thing they can offer at 7:30pm, Tuesday. They no longer have tokwa’t baboy and lumpiang pirito. Actually, it is better to go there during merienda time according to manang.

But the most beautiful thing happened that night was i was able to taste their very good lumpiang sariwa (ubod) with peanut sauce. This is not the ordinary lumpiang sariwa that I get used to which  has  the usual  clear brown sauce. You should try their lumpiang sariwa,it’s really yummy!

I tried to come back the following day to try their puto binan and lumpiang sariwa the second time but upon inquiry they said they don’t have delivery of the puto binan yet.  I think this is the miss of this place, they have a lot to offer in their menu but they don’t have enough stock when clients come on an ordinary day like Tuesday/Wednesday. According to the staff, they usually have stocks during Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays, the busiest days of Tagaytay. Anyway, i’m still glad to have tried their Lugaw and Lumpiang Sariwa. 🙂


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