Things to do or Places to Visit on Weekends (aside from Malling)

From Monday to Friday, more than 8 hours in a day, I am in a mall. Why? It’s not that i’m a mall addict or a shopaholic but because my office is located inside a mall.

My working time usually ends at dawn of  Saturday so it is expected that i’m asleep the whole Saturday except if there’s really some important occasions to attend.

It’s now past 4am and i’m still trying to catch some sleep but to no avail, so i’m thinking of other things to do aside from going to the mall on a Sunday.

I’ll start within Metro Manila:

1.Luneta –  Luneta is very near my area that’s why this is my first choice. You can do brisk walking, you can visit Manila Ocean Park if you have extra money for it. If you don’t have enough resources, you can just stroll around and enjoy the dancing fountain, the view, and/or wait for the wonderful sunset of Manila Bay(priceless). You can also practice your photography skills and take pictures of people,scenes and sites.

Museong Pambata is also located near Luneta park which is a good place for kids to visit.

2. Baywalk – It’s also in Manila, if you want the calming effect of the sea, this is where you should go (especially late afternoon). You may go to Malate Church first to attend mass,then when it’s time for you to catch the sunset you can immediately go near the bayside and enjoy the scenery. You can also do fishing if you like, just bring your own fishing rod.

3. PICC – You can watch play if you like. You can be a child again and go to Star City. If  the budget is tight,just do other things: You can rent a bike and go biking for several hours; You can also go jogging and  walking; and You can also eat at several restaurants located within the area.

4.Breakwater-Breakwater is also a good place to visit when you want to de-stress or just want to go out of your ordinary  routine. It’s still within Manila, near sofitel. I miss the barbeque and hotdog being sold here by  vendors who also sells dried pusit. You can smell the yummy aroma of the dried pusit when you visit the place. But i’m allergic to pusit so i keep on smelling the yummy taste of  it.

If you’re craving for a good tasting dimsum, you can visit Gloria Maris which  is also located within the breakwater area

4. Fort Santiago and Intramuros – This is where iusually  go if i want to take shots of places, buildings, stones, flowers or even people. Actually about everything that interests me. This place is special because you can create a nostalgic effect done in modern times. You can create different stories through the pictures that you make.

5. Binondo – I love to go to Binondo  to search for a new kind of Chinese food. Not necessarily those served from expensive restaurants. There are areas in Binondo that needs to be discovered and explored. When Chris and I goes there,we just experiment and try, that’s how we discover what tastes good and what’s not. Kim hiong is good especially the beef and shrimp fried noodle. Try it!

6. Go out of town (Tagaytay,Laguna, Baguio,Subic,etc…)

          THINGS TO DO:

7. Enroll in a computer class and start your own work at home career.

8. Experiment a dish or two found through TV or Magazine.

9. Finish one good book.

10. Pray and Meditate. Go to  church.

11. Play with your kids. Spend Quality time by playing or watch movies with while eating pizza delivered to your home.

12. Segregate things. Check clothes that are ready for disposable and other things that needs to be given to other people. You were able to provide help to other people at the same time you have  saved yourself some space in your house too.

13. Plan your finances. If you’re in a big financial trouble, now is the best time to control your expenditures, bury you credit cards, stick to a budget and of course, you have to follow that budget.

I will stop here and maybe if i have some more inputs, I will continue the list some other time. If you have some ideas please feel free to comment and add.


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