Remember BAGETS for Holy Week

Holy Week
Holy Week

B – Balik loob sa Panginoon – confess or if you cannot go to the priest, just recite wholeheartedly the act of contrition and ask for forgiveness with all humility and sincerity.

A – Alis Galit – Lord, you have forgiven me so much, now i forgive people. If you forgive, you are doing good for your own self more than anybody else. If you forgive you say, “Lord bahala ka na sa taong yan” but not bahala ka na sa kanyang magkasakit or mamatay na yan, wala nang suggestion basta bahala na si Lord.

G – Good Works -There are a lot of people who have sufferings, who have bigger problems than us. Write on a check, do something good, give something, help people, spend time, say thank you, write a letter, look at your cabinets,share your things,etc.

E – express your love to God – you can fast, do abstinence, bisita iglesia, prayers, don’t do it out of tradition, it must come from the heart, it’s an expression of love and gratitude. You have a lot of time,find time to express love, start with your family.

T – tanggal bisyo – (ABS) alak, babae, sugal, (CBN) – chismosa, bungangera, nagger
– travel light, sin no more, sin makes us unhappy.

S – sacrifice – we will not eat meat but they’ll eat sugpo. Is it really sacrifice?
– give up something which you really, really like
– do sacrifice joyfully, do it with smile.
– do it secretly, just you and the father, not to be praised by people.

Messages from Fr. Orbos in time for the celebration of Holy Week:

1. We like a lot of things but it’s time for priorities, what’s really important in the end is peace. You have peace if you’re at peace with God, you’re at peace with the world, you’re at peace with yourself.  What’s the use of more money or power if you don’t have peace in your heart, peace with your family or peace with the world?

2 . Be an instrument of peace from now on.  Stop hurting people. You can be so prayerful but if you hurt people,  God is not pleased.  Remember, I shall pass through this world but once. Therefore whatever kindness or goodness or love i can give, let me do it now.  Let me not defer, postpone or neglect it for I shall not pass this world again.

3. May you Rest in Peace – it’s nice to sleep at night if you’re at peace with God, you’re at peace with the world, you are at peace with yourself.

Do your mission , focus on it not on commission, not on konsumisyon, not on intermission nor interruption, just focus on your mission.

Let’s do our mission and let’s go to heaven, our final destination.

We are Easter people, we are full of hope!

Happy Easter!

You Tube: Make Holy Week Holy
Fr: Fr. Orbos


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