iBlog 7th Philippine Blogging Summit

For the first time, i was able to attend the iblog summit at UP. It is an event intended for bloggers or would be bloggers. I started blogging last year, i started from scratch. I choose WordPress because a lot of bloggers gave good reviews on it, true enough i survived blogging but still i continue to search for new and additional skills that would improve my blog that’s why i attended this summit.  Glad i did.

I was very excited when i attended this once a year event, dont know what to expect, my friend Bebot and i just go there. I know everything is new to bebot but I’m glad she manage to contain herself on eveything that’s been discussed there.

What i got from this Blogging Summit?

A lot!

my iblog7 shirt
my iblog7 shirt

I won an iBlog shirt,

i got free blogging seminar, saw the blog’s author in person like Carlo Ople of ABC5, Fitz  Villafuerte of Ready to be Rich,  Hawie Severino of GMA 7 and alot more ,they deliver a very good lecture and tactics on  blogging,getting a good traffic, etc.

Carlo Ople
Carlo Ople
Hawie Severino
Hawie Severino
Fitz Villafuerte
Fitz Villafuerte

and lastly, what my friend bebot and i enjoyed most…the food! Great food, it doesn’t taste free,though the food on the second day is better. Thanks to Binalot, GMA 7, ABC 5, Samsung(who made me buy galaxy tab,nice you have sample there,it convinces me to buy) and to all the speakers,


yummy treat for lent by binalot
bebot is enjoying her fish shanghai from Binalot

special mention to Mr Roy Dela Cruz, i’m not sure of his name but he is the funniest speaker on  that  event who talks about writer’s block, thanks for your lively presentation, naaliw ako.

Roy Dela Cruz
Roy Dela Cruz

Thanks to all speakers who generously share their skills and experiences free of charge.

Thanks to UP  Law Internet & Society Program. Hope that there would be more of this.

Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral and everyone from her group for making this event possible.

You prepared everything well,bravo to i blog7!

See you all on iBlog 8!


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  1. though the summit made me think long and hard on whether to pursue blogging, it opened my eyes to the wonders blogging can bring. it is a good avenue to share experiences, thoughts, and what-have-yous! thanks wheng for patiently explaining to me all the things that were so alien to me and for making me attend the iblog summit.

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