SuperMoon Lunar Perigee in March 19, 2011, What will happen with Moon and Earth?

Look at the night sky, next Saturday, March 19, 2011. If the cloud does not hang, you’ll see another month with the usual appearance.
The moon will appear larger. At night, the Moon will be within the closest to Earth since 1993, 18 years ago. This phenomenon is called ‘lunar perigee’. Meanwhile, there are astrologers who called it ‘SuperMoon’.
The appearance of the Moon at the night will be very interesting to be photographed. But, some astronomers predict that it was worrisome, because it will affect climate patterns on Earth. Some people link the lunar perigee it with disasters, like earthquakes.
What dose the scientists say? Pete Wheeler of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy said that there will be no earthquake or volcano eruption. If indeed that happens, it is predestined.
He continued that at that time, the Earth does go through a higher tide, and a lower ebb than usual. There’s nothing to worry about.
To note, a number of disasters on Earth occur when the phenomenon of the lunar perigee, or when the distance between Earth and the Moon nearby. For example, storms New England in 1938, or flooding in the Hunter Valley in 1955.
Although not occur within that period, the disaster of Cyclone Tracy in 1974 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was also associated SuperMoon.
Wheeler agrees opinion, an astronomer as well as a lecturer, David Reneke said, too far to link the phenomenon with natural disasters. If we want we can just link the nearly all the natural disasters that occur with what has been seen in the night sky – a comet, planets, the sun.
Meanwhile, scientists and Planet Earth from Adelaide University, Dr Victor Gostin said, weather prediction, earthquake, volcano eruption, and other natural disasters on the basis of planetary configurations, never succeed.
However, it is possible there is a correlation between large-scale earthquake near the equator and the Moon – new time, or full moon.
“Analogues such as tides, the movement of the Earth due to gravity moon can trigger an earthquake.”


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