Coping up with Hate

God is good all the time.
He loves you.
He’ll never let you down.
He cannot give you a spirit of hate.

Hatred is a negative feeling. A negative feeling comes from evil. It will only ruin your heart, mind and spirit. Be aware of it. Avoid negative people. But what if a person cannot avoid a negative person? You have to be strong avoiding the negative energies from that person.

How? Pray a lot, pray hard, think of positive things, and believe that hatred is not a gift from God. Avoid it, avoid hating a person. By hating a person, the one affected is the hater; she’ll feel bad when she’ll hate someone.

Who’ll be the loser? The loser is the hater. Avoid the feeling of hate. It will not do anything good to you. You’ll only end up feeling down. You’ll feel stressed. You’ll feel sick. All negative things will take place if you will nurture that feeling.

What other things can I do to avoid hating a person?

Try to relax, think of the good things that happened to you, count your blessings, thank God for it. Be with good friends. Savor the time with your family.

Pray a lot. Pray good things to other people. It’s free but very helpful.
If you can’t do anything, pray. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, talk to God.
He is the best adviser in the whole wide universe.

Help other people in need. The happiness of helping other people is incomparable to the simple happiness we get from buying something for ourselves, clothes for example. The degree of happiness that one may feel is when he/she gives something to the needy is a happiness coming from heaven. It’s so overwhelming and you’ll feel good after you made that noble deed.

We pray for ourselves often but seldom have we prayed for the one we hate; we should also try to pray that God will transform him or her to be a better person. We must try to pray for the person we hate, the person we don’t like, the person we want to avoid. Pray that transformation will happen soon. But most of all pray that God will take away the hate we feel inside.


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