Shakey’s Monster Meals

A Monster Meal of a Deal at Shakey’s  
it’s 35th Anniversary guests should be prepared for wonderful surprises and benefits from Shakey’s like the Monster Meal Deal that will satisfy even the most overindulgent appetites and expectations, perfect for sharing with up to a dozen people.As Filipinos, we love to eat and find any occasion to come together and feast! Make the most out of every day and celebrate each moment with your friends and family and Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal is the perfect meal set for large groups and large appetites. Because of the delicious variety of food, decisions are not a problem; everyone will definitely have a favorite Shakey’s dish with this meal package.

The set starts off with a deliciously crisp brick-oven baked Manager’s Choice followed by a large Pepperoni Thin Crust Pizza. This pizza pair is perfectly paired with two pasta dishes: the rich and flavorful Classic Spaghetti and Carbonara Supreme Platter. On top of all that, an awesome twosome Chick ‘N Chips Party Pack is served with 3 pitchers of ice cold Coke.

This amazing deal is available for only P1,649.00 (dine in, P1,796 for delivery), saving you as much as P629.00 for dining with family and friends! For a party of twelve, per head cost will only be P137.00! Now that’s a sweet Monster Deal! Definitely, great value for money. This is definitely how to eat, eat, eat without paying a lot, lot, lot.

What’s even better is that the Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal is available for dine in, carry out or delivery, giving you the luxury to enjoy your Shakey’s favorite wherever you are.

So hurry, visit the Shakey’s restaurant nearest you or call now for delivery service to enjoy your all time-favourites from Shakey’s! Have a Monster Meal Deal!

Celebrate Shakey’s 35 years, home of the original thin crust brick oven-baked pizza! Visit Shakey’s biggest restaurant in the world along Quezon Avenue to experience Fun, Family, Pizza in a bigger box! For fast and efficient delivery, please call 77-777 and remember, if it’s late, it’s FREE!

—From Shakey’s website


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