After the bitinan blues at Fontana, me and my officemates proceed to Malolos, Bulacan for some swimming and bonding time.  We arrived at Malolos Club Royale at 4:00P.M..  We got a deluxe room, rate is P2000, good for 3-5 persons but if you want to exceed beyond that number, its up to you.  Entrance fee is 150 for overnight or daytime stay while P250 for a 24hr-stay. You’ll get free entrance for 2 if you avail of the room accommodation.  They have 3 pools, 1 kiddie pool (4ft.), 1 training pool (6-7 feet) and another adult pool. The cleanest pool is the 6-7 ft pool. The kiddie pool is not that clean.  The air-condition is not working properly maybe because the room is too big for the aircon.  They gave us a 20% discount, thanks to that. (My officemate knows the owner).  

Anne Curtis of NLRC is the one in blue strap bathing suit.
the seniors

The thing that I enjoyed most is the MALOLOS SPA which is located inside club royale.  They offer various spa services. I tried the whole body massage which lasted for an hour and 15 minutes.  It’s a mixture of Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai massage, rolled into one.  I just wish they have a soothing music as background but when I asked one of the crews, she said there’s something wrong with the speakers but if you are not particular on the ambiance and you’re just after the massage and nothing else, you’ll definitely enjoy the soothing massage they offer.  The massage comes with a  free sauna service and free iced tea while inside the sauna, all for P300, reasonable enough..  My 9 yr. old nephew have also tried their whole body massage, and he enjoyed it a lot according to him.  He slept during the  massage session..:)  


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