News Update From NWPC
NCR Workers to get P22 Wage Increase

After a two-year pause, minimum wages in the NCR will increase by P22.00 a day in basic pay, bringing up the minimum wage level from P345-P382 to P367-P404.

The new wage hike will cover all minimum wage earners in the private sector in the NCR, and will take effect 15 days from publication of the wage order in a newspaper of general circulation.

The last wage adjustment was granted in June 2008 consisting of a P15.00 increase in basic pay and P5 COLA that was later integrated.  No wage hike was granted afterwards due to the global economic difficulties.

As in previous wage orders, exemption may be granted to certain type of establishments such as distressed establishments and those whose total assets are not more than P3 million, retail/service establishments regularly employing not more than 10 workers and establishments adversely affected by natural calamities.
There are some 4.2 million workers in the NCR, of which 2.18 million are minimum wage earners.

In case of wage distortion, those receiving above the minimum wage may likewise be given an adjustment in their wages after negotiation between the employer and the workers or union.

The wage adjustment was arrived at after a series of consultations and public hearing on the petition for P75 across-the-wage increase filed by the TUCP.

Any party not satisfied with the new wage hike may file an appeal to the NWPC through the Wage Board, within 10 days from publication of the wage order.


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