In my loading business, most of my smart customers are having a hard time in the registration process of smart promos.  This post is a big help for me and for them because more often than not, their problem becomes mine when they ask me, how is this done, how will i do this, how will i register, etc..   So here’s a relief for all of us..


This is the Smart’s Ultimate Unlimited Call! This Promo is available for Smart Prepaid Subscribers (Buddy) and Smart Gold Subscribers.

How to Register (Smart Buddy) ?

To register for 5 days worth Php 100.00

•Text TALK100 and Send to 6400
To register for 30 days worth Php 500.00

•Text TALK500 and Send to 6400
To CALL just dial *6400 + 11 digit smart number. Ex. *64000919xxxxxxx

Note: Php 1.00 airtime balance must be maintained. Applicable to Smart to Smart call only. Unlimited calls can be made anytime of the day. Not applicable to roaming or international calls. You can also load Smart Talk directly from retail outlets. For more information visit
For Smart Gold Subscribers:

•You can buy SMARTALK LOAD 100 or 500 from different smart load outlets.
•Plan 800 and above may register by sending TALK500 to 6400
•Your registration will automatically renew for 90 days. To unsubscribe, text NO and send to 6400
•For more information CLICK HERE


SMART TALK PLUS 100 (5 days unlimited)

* 19 hours of unlimited calls & texts from 10pm to 5pm the next day

How to Register

•Text PLUS100 to 6401
To Call:

•Just dial *6401 + 11 digit smart number. Ex. *64000919xxxxxxx

•Promo is open to Smart Buddy subscribers nationwide.
•Unlimited calls and texts can ONLY BE USED FROM 10PM to 5PM. Calls and texts made between 5:01PM to 9:59PM while enrolled in SMARTalk will be charged with the following rates: 2.50/minute and P0.20/text.
•Subscriber must have the minimum balance (P100) in order to register to SMARTalk Plus.
•Unlimited calls and texts only apply to local Smart-Smart/Smart-TNT transactions.
•P2.50/minute and P0.20/text rates only apply to local Smart-Smart/Smart-TNT transactions.
•Any roaming, international and transactions made to other networks will be charged with regular rates.

*100 SMS/MMS (Smart/TNT), 10 SMS to other networks, unlimited call from 11pm to 6am only

How to register to C25:

•Send C25 to 2827
•To call: Dial *8654 + Smart/TNT mobile number (ex: *86540918xxxxxxx)
•Call will be automatically cut after 5 minutes

All Calls 20

•10 minutes worth of calls to Smart/TNT
•Good for 1 day
•Plus 5 free text to Smart/TNT
•To Register: Send 20 to 909

All Calls 100

•60 minutes worth of calls to Smart/TNT
•Good for 5 day
•Plus 30 free text to Smart/TNT
•To Register: Send 100 to 909
SMARTEXT PLUS 60 (unlimited text with 20 min. call for 5 days)

•Enjoy unli text plus 20 minutes consumable calls to smart/tnt for 5 days
•To register: send TXT60 to 6402
•To call: dial *6402 + 11 digit mobile no.
How to register to Smart Unlimited text P30 for 2 Days:
•Send 30 to 258
How to register to Smart Unlimited Text P60 for 5 days:

•Send 60 to 258

•To register: Text ATM20 to 2827
•110 text/mms to smart/talk n text and 10 text to other networks
•Also available ATM30 for 180 text/mms

•From 11pm to 6am
•Text NYT15 TO 8566
•To call dial *8566 + 11 digit smart number. Ex. *85660919xxxxxxx
•Calls are cut every 5 min.

•Text and MMS all day and Call all Night
•100 text/mms to Smart/TNT and 10 text to other networks PLUS unlimited call from 11pm to 6am
•To register: text C25 send to 2827
•To call: dial *8654 + 11 digit mobile number. Ex. *86540919xxxxxxx
•Calls are cut every 5 min.
•MMS must not exceed 100kb


•Budget Surf 50 for 5 hours and All Day Surf 100 for 12 hours
•To subscribe visit: using your phone.
•To register to Budget Surf: Text INET BUD send to 211
•To register to All Day Surf: Text INET DAY send to 211
•One piso charge per SMS sent
•To check account status: Text INET STATUS send to 211
•Regular charge for browsing is Php 10.00/30 min.

Smart Piso per Minute Call (FLEXI RATE)

You only need P20 for calls up to 20 mins.


•To register text FLEXI send to 880 (one time free registration)
•Dial *88 + cel# your calling
•Example: *880919XXXXXXX
How to “Pasa” All Text 20 to your friends?
•Just text <11 digit cell number [space] AT20 and send to 808
•Example: 0918xxxxxxx AT20
Smart Flatrate Call:
•Call up to 3 mins. for P10 and 5 mins. for P15

•Dial *883 + Mobile No.
•Example: *88309191234567

Smart rewards its subscribers by simply staying and using smart.

How it works:
– First you need to register by texting REWARDS to 9800 or simply logon to Smart Web Connect (Also open to Smart Bro Subscribers)

– Thats it, you will immediately earn points by simply reloading your account.

What can I redeem with my Points?
For Smart Buddy you can redeem 100 text messages (smart to smart, valid for 2 days) for 5,000 points or 10 text messages (Smart to Smart, valid for 1 day) for 500 points

For Smart Gold you can redeem P50 bill rebate for 12,500 points

For Smart Bro Postpaid you can have P50 Bill rebate for 12,500 points

For Smart Bro Prepaid you can have P30 bill Smart Bro Load (90 minutes internet time, valid for 3 days for 7,500 points

A discount on Prepaid Phonekit worth P300 (selected handset only @ Smart Wireless Centers) for 30,000 points

How do I redeem my rewards?

Smart Buddy – Text REDEEM 100 to 9800 or Text INSTANT 10 to 9800

Smart Gold – Text REDEEM 50 to 9800

For Phonekit Discount – Text REDEEM PK 300 to 9800

For SmartBro – go to and click REDEEM


-Smart Buddy and Smart Bro Prepaid will have their rewards 48 hours after successful redemption

-Smart Gold and Smart Bro Postpaid will have their rewards on next billing statement after successful redemption

-You must have a maintaining balance of P1.00 to redeem your reward

-Successful redemptions are free of charge

-You can earn 5 points for every P1.00 successful top-up or billed transaction

-To check you REWARD points just text INQUIRY to 9800 or simply log-in to Smart Web Connect and click INQUIRE

For DISCOUNTS on Spa, Resorts, Restaurants, ETC, CLICK HERE!

For more information CLICK HERE.

To visit Smart Website CLICK HERE.

Call Smart Customer Care Hotline for More Updated Promos

If you have more inquiries. You can visit

Note:  author of this blog has NO connection with Smart Telecom.


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