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After a few tries of planning, my friends and i finally made it. We dine at El Buono Pizza in Makati,they’re known for their 35″ pizza with 4-in-1 flavor. They’re located at Makati,inside plaza fair. They do delivery, the most appropriate thing to do if you have plans to go there,because the place is not that clean and not that huge as their pizza’s capacity. They deliver within the areas of Paranaque, Mandaluyong and Makati beyond these areas, they charge extra fees. In QC, they charge P300, according to the crew. The pizza costs 1600 something, just to give you an idea.


Just the mere sight of its gigantic size gives an excitement to everyone. We really had fun at El Buono because we were able to watch the whole pizza process from making the dough (watch out for the crew’s SWEAT), putting on the ingredients like pizza sauce, cheese,ham,beef,bell pepper,onion,olives,corn,salami,basil,etc. You’ll surely enjoy the size and the first bite (while it’s hot) but after that you can’t eat the crust anymore, it’s so hard.  I hope you can do something about it el buono. You can feel the crust in your esophagus, parang na trafffic lang, it can’t pass on its way kahit uminom ka na.

Ask for their delivery, it is fun to eat it with friends in the office because the 35 inches pizza can accomodate 15-20 persons. The size will definitely be a great topic in every table. We were only 7 adults and 2 kids who went there and eat.  Obviously, we were not able to finish it, their glass is  likewise HUGE, we drink in  a  flower vase, you can see it in the pictures.


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