Cooking Laing on a Tuesday Night

My Laing

I bought dried leaves from the supermarket, i want to try if i can cook laing. In order to be successful on my first laing attempt, i asked several people like my officemates, ate Leila and ate Liza. It seems like they’re good coaches. I followed some of their cooking tips and applied a few of my own in the process. It turned out good and everybody love it.  

How did i cook my first laing? Here’s what i did…  

For ingredients:  

6 finely chopped-Garlic
2 tsp finely chopped – Ginger
1/4 Pork (giniling) – 40 pesos
1 pack – Anchovies (dilis)10 -15 pesos
2 tbspshrimp paste ( bagoong) – (from the ref)
2 kakang gata
2 (second squeezed) gata
2 packs Dried Gabi Leaves (from supermarket) 15 pesos each
salt (to taste)
4 siling labuyo (to taste)  


Put some oil in the pan. Saute’ garlic, ginger, pork giniling, bagoong and dilis until cooked. Pour the first 2(second squeezed) gata, stirring continously and in medium heat. Put some salt. Bring to boil then put the dried leaves. After putting all the leaves, pour in the kakang gata, no more stirring, wait for 15-20 mins in low heat, until it produces oily substance. Then it’s done.


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