Don’t feel low,do this.

 1. Count your Blessings

 Count your blessings from the time you wake up until the time you have to go to sleep. I am sure there are thousands of it. I can name you a hundred in 15 minutes but I will not give it to you. I will allow you to discover it yourself so that you’ll be more appreciative of what you have right now. Tip: It is in the simplest thing in the world that you’ll find happiness.

2. Appreciate the Beauty of Life

When you wake up in the morning the first thing you have to do is to thank God for giving you another life. It is neither natural nor mandatory for us to wake up in good condition because there are things like sickness, body ache or even death which we can experience every time we wake up. But still God allows us to LIVE again. Isn’t it a sufficient reason for us to be grateful?

3. Find Time for Yourself

 There should always be a “ME” time. It is at this time that you’ll discover what you are still aiming for in life, not a plan for the whole family but a plan for your self. It may be for self growth or a career move or anything you can think of. Sometimes thinking about the whole family makes you so preoccupied with your day to day activities. You tend to forget your own self by being focused on other issues that concerns the whole family. Sometimes it is better to ask ourselves: What else do I want to do aside from taking care of my family? What can I contribute to the society that will give self-fulfillment? Is there anything else I can do to improve my self? Is my spiritual life okay? These are the things that you can reflect on while doing the ME time.

4. Socialize

When was the last time you talk with your neighbor, your high school friends, your relatives, your best friend? They can be the best buds in times of loneliness. You can reminisce past experiences: first crush, first love, first heartbreak, your fulfilled dreams, the jobs you’ve looking for, the dress you want to buy or the house or the car you’ve been dreaming of, or the guy or girl next door whom you wish to be your girlfriend or wife or boyfriend or a potential husband. There are a lot of subjects under the sun, all you need is to do is reach out and talk.

 5. Take a Break 

 one book says: Rest but don’t quit. If you are tired, stop for a while and recharge yourself. Our daily job requires us to stay in the office, do routinary works and meeting the deadlines; this makes our lives boring and tiring. Housewives have the same dilemma; they stay in the house all the time and do nothing but taking care of the family. Sometimes we need to stop from doing our daily chores and begin with something new: take vacation in a nice place, have a beach party with family and friends, do charity works with street children or the elderly or abused women or find time to interact with cancer patients. Attend art exhibits, watch movie, eat in a nice restaurant with extraordinary service, have a one hour massage, a new haircut, or simply go to church and talk to God. The last one is so refreshing; I’ve tried it a lot of times. There are times we feel our bodies are tired, but we seldom notice that our soul is also getting tired. Take a break. Pray for a while.


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