Valentine Escapade

February 12, 2010, I am so glad we were able to get a VIP ticket for two to watch Pinoy Big brother for free. February 13, the big night for PBB, we witnessed the adoration and the love of people to the big winner Melai. Everyone was so thrilled when Paul Jake’s name was called as the 1st runner up; that means Melissa was chosen as the big winner. The program ended almost past twelve already. 

Going home, there were a lot of people walked from Ninoy Aquino Stadium to Vito Cruz for a ride; the traffic is expected.  We went to Starbucks for coffee, I got my grande coffee jelly upgraded to venti for free, yehey!  Chris and I got home at about 2 in the morning, I made some sandwich then I slept for a while. 

At 3:30am I woke up, Sheelah through a text message said they’re coming to pick us up. We reached our destination, Clark, at about 5:30 in the morning, there was a long line of people buying tickets at the entrance gate of the 2010 Hot Air Balloon Event.  The ticket costs 150 pesos each, we were eight:On, Arman ,Jojit ,Sheelah, , their two kids James (photographer)and Stef, Chris and I.  We came a bit late; some of the balloons were already filled up with air and are ready to fly. We’re still glad we were able to find some balloons that are half-filled. It was a nice feeling seeing different balloons almost within my reach, I usually see these only in TV, it was the very first time, that I’ve seen a hot air balloon, at the age of 34.. 🙂 but I was still amazed. We got hungry, we looked for food, we tried the longganisa from guagua, is it so small, almost  the size of a little boy’s birdie, it was so elastic that we had a hard time chewing the covering part of the meat, thought it tastes good. 

 The next thing we did is we watch the paragliding competition, then  we took some free coffee and slurpee from 7-11 booth, then picture-taking again and again.  At 9 AM, we went out from the event, we tried to look for Aling Lucing’s sisig, they say its good but the road lead us to  Angeles so we decided to look for Camalig Restaurant, the home of Armando’s Pizza. We got a heart-shaped pizza. I’ve read from a blog that their pizza really tastes good, for me its just an average one.

 I’m a fan of Italian Pizza, sorry! Apart from their pizza they also showcased the uniqueness of their place, an ancestral house, it’s creepy inside, a new experience for us.  We’re scared while eating, it’s hard to be full when you’re scared, :).They have tons of old pics of their ancestors, old wooden pieces, everything old; good for antique enthusiasts. Next stop was Susie’s cuisine, here we tasted the yummy palabok(yummy)-a noodle most Filipino loved, leche flan – a yummy dessert that is creamy and sweet;, tibuk tibuk( not so yummy, I don’t like the dayap); and moche,(the best)a sticky ground rice with sweet brown mongo on the inside with sauce made from creamy gata! All these happened in celebration of Valentines Day!  Whatta Valentine! Busog Valentine!!!


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