I got a call from an agent; I don’t exactly know what company she represents. She asked me if I’m interested to apply for a call center job or position. I told her that I am currently employed and just looking for a part time job. I really want to have a part time job so that i can buy a car (hope this will happen before 2010 ends). Now, I have a lot of things in mind… Can I possibly do two jobs at a time? Will it not kill me? The other part of me is saying “Why not?” you have tried it before, you have a food store, you give installments on cell phones, you’re employed in a Government agency, a mediator and a law student, all in one. These happened sometime 2004 to 2006. Actually, I was able to do all these in three years but not all of which stands except for my government job and my studies. I got promoted in 2006 and I was able to graduate in 2008. These two remained in me. From these experiences I learned that in business, you have to have full control in everything that’s going around it . Since mine is a food business, I should not only be dealing with marketing, production and selling, I also have to monitor and know by heart the inventory of my store. In short, I shall personally handle it, but didn’t happen. So I closed my store after 1 and a half year of operation and I was then on my second or third year in Law. What happened during those times? I’ll go to the office then I’ll visit the store (in front of the office) at 12noon, then go back to the office at 1PM then go back again at 5pm to monitor the sales and decide what menu I can offer the following day then I’ll make a list of its ingredients for marketing purposes. After which, I have to go directly to the school coz classes starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm then be home by 10pm. Afterwhich I’ll study from 10:30pm until 1 or 2 am…then I’ll wake up again at 8, be at the office by 9am then go to the store again, and so on and so forth…SUICIDAL!  Now, almost 2 years after my graduation, I’m planning to get myself again to this kind of life. Would it be worth it? Why is it that some people do not need to exert too much effort to make money and buy things for themselves? Why is it that some people need to make everything double time in order to make big bucks? Am I being too materialistic? I have read in BO Sanchez’s book that “one should know how to live simply so that others may simply live”. This has a big impact in me when I’ve read it, but for me a car is a need not a want. For all the pollution I came across everyday in going to and coming from the office, the dirt, the smoke and the dust which I inhaled all the time can actually bring me to the hospital one day, and for sure the money that I’ll spent for the car is the same amount I might spend in the hospital. Anyway, I’ll still try to look for an extra income this year; I have to buy that car soon. I can’t stand the pollution, its getting worst everyday. I have to protect myself from any harm causes by air pollution.


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